Monday, November 13, 2017

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Knowledge of education means not only a series of visible lessons, but also an invisible concept of education. The idea is that it helps students become more mature. One of the most important signs of a person's maturity is expression: first, have the courage to speak; Secondly, can I express my thoughts correctly in my mind? Third, can understand the viewpoint of others accurately and make analysis and judgment, replica gucci belts without miscalculation; Finally, are you responsible for your own words and actions? None of this can be achieved through other institutions and professional education, which can only rely on education.

The concept of lifelong learning is now accepted and accepted by most people. The development of modern science and technology has led people to realize that it is impossible for a person to learn all the knowledge in college and cope with everything after graduation. University education must give students the ability to learn for life.

However, traditional professional education's contribution to providing lifelong learning is questionable. The reason why people need to study for life is because there are many complicated problems in their life. These problems often go beyond the professional fields of the university and must be solved with new knowledge. Of course, the thought and methods trained by professional education can play a role - which is the value of professional education - but it is often limited. Professional education restricts the people's field of vision and mind, make people are difficult to establish universal contact between the things, also from the Angle of professional outside to look hard to analyze problems, fake gucci belt uk more difficult to deal with subversive revolution after the change of science and technology. Emphasizes the knowledge of professional education, in fact, for us to draw the outline of the image of a pair of full of irony: people who live in the present are confidently with the knowledge of the past to education to the people who live in the future. Could such a education make him or her ready for the future?

Knowledge of education makes up for the lack of professional education. Knowing education does not focus on knowledge and content itself, it focuses on acquiring knowledge. Compared to focusing on what is what, general education pays more attention to why. For the students, the why itself means the unknown, which is similar in nature to the problems that he or she will face in the future. So, while trying to answer the why, cheap gucci belts he or she knows what to do when confronted with the why. If professional education teaches students the word fish or fish, then it is the tsuen - tsuen - that is taught to students by education.

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