Monday, November 13, 2017

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At present, some Gucci Belt universities are imitating the core curriculum system of British and American universities, and also have courses such as western civilization and Oriental civilization. However, and let the students know what is western civilization is not our purpose, although it is also one of the goals, more important is that through the comparison of different civilization of human society and values, help students think more deeply understand the value of the understanding of Gucci Belt civilization, understand the meaning of Gucci Belt Replica path to choose, to set up the confidence of Gucci Belt culture. This is the purpose and significance of learning education to help students identify various values and form judgments. The job isn't easy, but it's impossible to get a education effect.

Expressing and communicating with people in society, not Robinson, he or she must deal with other people, and live in the exchanges and cooperation with others. Even in a family, one needs to communicate and communicate Cheap Gucci Belts with another. Communication skills are both innate and are closely related to the nurture of education. Through education, a shy person can also become outgoing and easy to communicate.

However, the current education system does not provide enough training for students to communicate. On the one hand, tightly around the test for the middle school education, make the teachers and the students' attention on the knowledge and training, students have no chance to even have no time to communicate with others. After entering university, professional education and outdated teaching methods further restrict students' ability to communicate and communicate. In essence, professional education emphasizes individual effort and effort. Although the development of modern science has paid more and more attention to teamwork, the basic methods of academic research, Fake Gucci Belt such as reading, thinking and experimenting, etc., are more embodied in a personal behavior.

This is particularly evident in the humanities. Therefore, the more the university emphasizes professional education, the more difficult it is for students to get the training in communication, unless the way of teaching is fundamentally changed. On the other hand, in the traditional presented in lectures, the teacher on the stage, the students in the audience to listen to, not only lack of communication and exchange between teachers and students, between students and students is difficult to have the opportunity to communicate. Students can only seek limited communication in campus culture outside the classroom. The problem is that campus culture is a relatively inefficient and lack of systematic, stable and scientific education way. If you can't improve your students' ability to communicate and communicate effectively in the most important class of education, education will not fulfill its responsibilities.

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