Thursday, November 30, 2017

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No one is going to teach their kids to be bad, to be bad. In history, even bandits and gangsters must let their children go to the best education and live a normal life. These three requirements are basic requirements and all other requirements are derived from basic requirements, which can be called derived requirements. For example, getting ahead is a derived requirement. People who are socially and economically underprivileged often want their children to get ahead. But for what? Or to meet these three basic needs. For those who have received higher education, the social and economic status has improved the generation of parents, he (she) is no longer the education needs of target, children are not in Peking University, tsinghua's okay - after all, replica hermes belt access to the Peking University, tsinghua university is very few, but parents always want their children to health of body and mind, received a good education, and the future life safety and happiness.

Meeting these three seemingly simple needs isn't easy. To put it bluntly, if this is the standard measure of the current education, none of that we have done. Physically, today's kids are surrounded by endless homework, endless training sessions, and little time to exercise, not to get into the habit of exercising outdoors. Physical education at school, for a variety of reasons, is less intense and more challenging. In the 1980s, the phenomenon of bean sprouts which was closely watched in the 1980s was now almost everywhere, and the students' glasses were kept in advance, with the proportion rising and the physical quality falling. From psychological said, now the children compressive ability is extremely fragile, success can only accept, can't accept any setbacks and failures, slightly unpleasant to take drastic action, the lack of effective communication skills and ability with others; Said, from the values in the university entrance exam is the only accepted on the basis of the powerful baton effect, the school constantly give students knowledge and training examination skills, values education is marginalized, in fact, even towards the opposite - provides the distortion and error values. Walked into the classroom, the eyeful are homicidal slogan - raise a point, killing one thousand people, shoulder to shoulder to me, give me outweighs soldier, pass Grosvenor LTD handsome, overcome the officer the second generation, and so on, is striking. We send children to school, is to let him (her) to accept the good education, not to let him (her) master a lot of examination skills, by fair means or foul promoting to a higher position, and then when I'm not kill those who blocked their way.

More seriously, this highly competitive selection mechanism erodes education's body. It has divided the student population into two major categories: one is the student with a good score of 10 percent; The other group is 90 percent of students with poor grades. The standard for determining whether or not to do well in tests is that students can go to college after high school. Why 1:9 ratio? Because each year about 10 million high school graduates across the country, among them, there are about 190000 students access to 985 colleges and universities, 540000 candidates to enter 211 colleges and universities, combined is about 730000, just 10% of the total amount of high school graduates. After four years of 10% of the students in this competition in the job market to get a further advantage, lead to different levels of college graduates in the labor market of the wage difference is great, forcing the society, family and school will further concentrating on 10% of the students.

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