Thursday, November 30, 2017

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As some scholars have pointed out, 90% of the students have become DE facto companion. From a sociological point of view, the phenomenon of co-reading can have two serious social consequences: one is that 90% of students become the silent majority. He or she may be antagonistic, contradictory or even conflicted with 10 percent of the minority students. Because he or she thinks their situation is bad because there are 10 percent of the minority. In the later life, as the educational level of the two groups gradually increases, the gap between the two will become more and more profound, which may lead to fracture and even fracture of social class.

The second is that 90% of the majority of students have a mindset that has nothing to do with me. Because for a long time at a disadvantage in the competition of the examination results, didn't find his advantage in the field of except the exam, 90% of the students gradually accumulated anxiety, depression, disappointment, insecurity and mistrust, and think that no matter what is likely to change their unfavorable situation, he (she) is not happy, replica hermes belt and then to any education reform measures doubts even rejected, think that I have nothing to do with. In recent years, I visited some of the so-called education quality is not high, mainly was the number of students admitted to a key university, few of middle school, note that the I have nothing to do with emotions are spread in the teachers and students. If effective measures cannot be taken to guide them, this collective abandonment will have a profound negative impact on social development.

Many people blame society for the problems in education, and think it is a problem for the whole social environment. How can education be a part of society? I think it's shirking responsibility. It is true that in the transition from the planned economy system to market economic system, because the old system has not been completely broken, the new system has not yet fully formed, society inevitably will appear all sorts of confusion and even chaos, but we can't take for granted. The opposite is true: the more people are floating around, the more the education shows its irreplaceable value. In history, the 18th century Britain, in the early 19th century, the United States money worship which has been under the prevailing social chaos, but depends on the school system and education efforts, rich in the spirit of dedication of training noble character and strong natural aristocracy, gradually establish a perfect social credit system, successfully to reverse the deterioration of the social environment, as well as reverse the deterioration of the natural environment; 2000 years ago in Louis Vuitton Belt during the spring and autumn period, also appeared bad ceremony music social chaos, but depends on Confucius and the tireless efforts of generations of educators, eventually make the context endless miles. On the contrary, the ancient Roman empire, which was abandoned by the collective of education, was unable to resist the social erosion of decadent and luxurious society, and finally collapsed and collapsed. The lesson was not profound. Education is the conscience of society. As long as this conscience is not bad, society will move in a good direction.

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