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The three major stock indexes fell sharply across the board, gem is nearly 3 points of slump, technology stocks again suffered major trauma, Replica Gucci Shoes in addition to the Banks on the board behind the theme of the stock all fell, two cities nearly 100 shares fell by the limit, Fake Gucci Shoes the market is experiencing a bloody rain.

It’s been a very bad day, and if Wednesday’s selloff in tech stocks led the market to pessimism, Thursday’s plunge is causing extreme discomfort, even panic. However, it is no longer the time for everyone to panic, because everything is relative, when the market reaches the limit, it is often easy to give birth to vitality, and then we will see how the market turns negative. Those who buy is big ticket, wait with bank of peaceful wave, merchant bank first. Some people will say if there is GJD in there, and I honestly don’t know, but at least you can see that external shorting forces are not a big problem in this crash, the only thing is internal money. Domestic capital do not want to hold the holiday is understandable, Replica Gucci Shoes Wholesale this kind of hit the law is really a little hurt morale.

Gem is broken, Replica Gucci Sneakers according to the intuitive understanding of the technical form, this trend shows that the momentum has been weak, but the market is not completely determined by a single technical form, there are emotional side, capital side, and objective influencing factors. Emotional surface we said there will be a turn in the opposite direction, the capital surface to see Wednesday is mainly profit plate fled, Thursday is profit plate and caught plate at the same time fled, Friday will escape, fell so much not.

So the next thing to look at is the opportunity for a shock repair, and we expect the index to stabilize by Friday afternoon at the latest. Operationally, we were right to control positions on Wednesday, but now it’s time for everyone to take the initiative. In view of the overall trend of the market is weak, the back to pay attention to repeated T, such as if covered, the fundamentals are not bad on the low point of the warehouse, such as the rebound again, so repeated. At the same time, those who put speculation high stock still have the risk of cover, Replica Gucci Trainers this is also to be noted.