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Now we focus on the next trend technology stocks, from the disk observation, technology stocks this wave kill drop is very serious, Gucci Belt Replica most trend technology stocks are up to 10-20% decline.

We have said before, Gucci Belt Replica with reference to the trend of some big white horse stocks to see, a large level of adjustment space is almost within this range. For example, kweichow moutai, we look at the trend of the last three years, 18 years is completely broken the trend, but at that time the situation is not good market continued to fall, this does not have reference significance. If you look at the trend trends in 2017 and this year, there have been two big drops. The biggest pullback in 2017 was 10%. This year, it was 12%. The sharp fall of trend technology stock, rapid slump, this is exactly the portrayal of bull market characteristics. While the market isn’t exactly a bull market, Gucci Belt Fake trend tech is.

Now we need to consider whether the logic of trend technology stocks has changed. The accelerated arrival of Gucci Belt Replica and the upgrading of consumer electronics have all brought sustained profits and returns to companies in related industries. Some of the three quarterly reports have predicted that the performance is still in high growth. Since the logic has not changed, the current decline can be regarded as merely a pause in price speculation. So overall, for those outstanding performance, Gucci Belt Replica out of the super trend, short term after a big drop did not change the medium and long term trend up the subject of technology stocks, is now fully considered again low suction, of course, here is only for those light position friends.

Well, the wind and rain will come, I from the still Gucci Belt Replica, we have been ready for sufficient preparation, whether it is empty positions, or copy the bottom, the opportunity is left to the prepared people. Zhao bo operation logic, add warehouse to do more! Follow huang elder brother’s affirmation won’t be daunted by big adjustment, because we accomplished position, risk control reasonable configuration, that can advance attack retreat can defend, Gucci Belt Replica also won’t be afraid.